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6.5 Grendel vs 6.5 Creedmoor: Which Is Better?

two bullets lying on a wooden floor

The 6.5mm cartridge family has existed since 1894 when Norweigan and Swedish forces discovered 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser rounds. Designed in 1891, the Swedish-Norwegian Rifle Commission began work to determine the optimal caliber for military service weapons, testing several sizes, including 8mm, 7.5mm and 7mm until they reached consensus on the 6.5mm, which performed best. Two […]

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Glock 17 VS 19 – What You Really Need to Know

glock 17 vs 19

The Glock is one of the most popular handguns in the world. And that’s a miracle seeing as it was designed by a man who had no prior experience in gun making. That man was Austrian Gaston Glock and he was answering the Austrian government’s call for a reliable handgun for security forces post World War 2. […]

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The 10 Best .380 Pistols for Concealed Carry

nickel 380 pistol and an extra magazine

We have all heard it before. A .380 pistol is so underpowered – it will not hurt anything that’s larger than a mouse – hence, it has earned the nickname “mousegun.”Skeptics say it simply doesn’t have enough stopping power to get the job done, and will only anger the attacker and cause him to retaliate.However, […]

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The 15 Best Handguns For Women

a woman wearing ear muffs and holding up a handgun to the target

What can be said about handguns? They’re compact, they’re easy to use, and they’re usually more than sufficient for home defense or target practice. Handguns are one of the most popular firearm types in the world for a reason. Even military members and law enforcement officers who handle heavy artillery on the regular use a handgun […]

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The 10 Best 1911 Pistols For The Money

photo of a pistol and a holster

Are you contemplating getting your first 1911 pistol but don’t know where to start? If the answer to this question is yes, you probably want to get help to find the perfect pistol. The good news is that there is a whole raft of 1911 pistols available for you to choose from. On the downside, finding […]

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Best AR 15 For The Money: Top 15 Rifles & Guide

photo of an AR-15 rifle with scope

When it comes to firearms, some names elicit a greater amount of responses than others. But this isn’t just about the brand a person relies on – it’s about the type of firearm as well. Despite some concerns about their use and ownership, the AR-15 remains a staple of the gun community. It’s capacity, firepower, and […]

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The 8 Best Tactical Pens

best tactical pen being hold in hand

If there’s one thing that’s sure in life, it’s the fact that it’s very unpredictable sometimes.One moment you’re just minding your own business, the next you find yourself being harassed or threatened.Because the world like to throw things our way, it’s never a bad thing to have something on your person that you can use […]

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Top 10 Taurus PT111 G2 Holsters To Choose From

two pistol holsters with handguns, bullets and leather belts

For millions of people, firearms serve as a tool for recreational shooting and for personal defense during whatever conflict may arise.The Taurus line of firearms has received a lot acclaim, and models like the PT111 G2 are beloved for their compact size, reliability, and durable design.But having a gun isn’t enough. While that’s all a […]

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10 Best Semi-Auto Shotguns: A Complete And Useful Guide

photo of a semi auto shotgun

Perhaps only next to the handgun, the shotgun is one of the most iconic firearms of all time. It’s made its way into warzones, shooting ranges, and the collections of gun enthusiasts around the world. Great for target practice and self-defense alike, shotguns have earned their popularity through performance. But shotguns come in many forms. […]

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Best Compact 9mm Handguns: Top 10 Picks And Buyer’s Guide

product photo of a 9mm Handgun

When it comes to home and personal defense, handguns are the preferred firearm for many. But not all handguns are created equal. Size, weight, handling, and of course caliber are all important factors to consider before buying a handgun. Most people find themselves looking at the 9mm options for various reasons. One of these is because 9mm […]

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