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7 Home Safety Tips to Help You Defend Yourself and Those You Love

home safety tips

Even if you know nothing about the Scout Movement, you definitely know their motto – be prepared. Two simple words that could save your life or help you save the lives of your loved ones when your home comes under attack. We are living in times like no other where home safety is no longer […]

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Survival Tips Eating Snow: What You Need to Know

Being out in the wilderness will present you with many challenges that will test your survival skills to the limit. Whether it’s packing your bag with the right tools and equipment, finding out where you can get your next meal from, or how to get water from sources and then purify that water. Jumping into […]

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Survival Tips Drinking Water: Tips on How to Purify

One of the most important things that our body needs to live is water, and if we were to go 3 days without water our body would pack in and we would be dead. Food is slightly different as we can last up to 3 weeks as our body starts to rely on stored fat […]

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Survival Tips Cold Weather: How to Stay Warm and Safe

Over a ten year period in the US there were over 65,000 Search and Rescue missions, which included nearly 3,000 fatalities, and more than 20,000 injured people. One of the most savage conditions to survive through is cold weather, so we wanted to highlight some handy tips to how you can stay safe and warm […]

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Survival Tips Clean Water: Making the Most from H2O

One of the most important things humans need to survive is water. With food the human body can last roughly around 3 weeks before your vital organs give up, as your body tends to use up fats and stored minerals in order to keep going. Admittedly by 3 weeks you won’t be running around the […]

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Survival Tips Hunting: Tips & Tricks You Need to See

Some amateur hunters think it’s easy to head out into the wilderness with a backpack, a spear and be successful, but there is a lot more to hunting that meets the eye. A lot of veteran and experiences hunters will tell you that some situations will call for a lot of mental and physical strength […]

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Survival Tips Camping: What You Need to Know to Last in the Wild

Trekking into the wilderness may seem easy at first glance. Sure, we have all seen TV shows and reality series that make it look a whole lot of fun and easy to do, but remember one thing…these are for TV. In the real-world there are no outtakes, editing, help or camera crews, it’s simply a […]

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Survival Knife Tips: What to Look For When Buying a Knife

If you are in the market for a new survival knife but don’t really know where to start looking then let us help you. You see, choosing the perfect survival knife is important because if you end up with one that you aren’t comfortable with, then you would have paid a lot of money for […]

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Survival Tips in The Forest: Our Top 5 Facts to Remember

Whether you are a beginner or an expert when it comes to surviving in the forest, you can always take away a few key tips that will help improve anything from your strength levels to the way you adapt to forest life. Today we wanted to help you by offering our top 5 facts when […]

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