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Survival Tips Hunting: Tips & Tricks You Need to See

Survival Tips Hunting: Tips and Tricks You Need to See

Some amateur hunters think it’s easy to head out into the wilderness with a backpack, a spear and be successful, but there is a lot more to hunting that meets the eye. A lot of veteran and experiences hunters will tell you that some situations will call for a lot of mental and physical strength as well as the right equipment.

In today’s post we wanted to focus our attention on some of the tips and tricks that you can take with you next time you decide to plan a hunt. Remember that these practical tips could be the difference between you being an amateur hunter and professional hunter.

What’s on the Menu?

The first biggest thing to decide is what are you going to be hunting for? Are you going to focus your attention on small game, big game or fish? Our advice is to specialize yourself in one of these fields rather than trying to catch them all.

Hunting for Deer

The good thing with game is that most birds and mammals can provide an edible form of food. Whereas fish are much easier to catch as they don’t require the amount of equipment and research to catch.

The choice really is yours here.

Don’t Just Jump In, Monitor and Observe

If you take just one tip from this article we want you to take away this one. Far too many amateur hunters aren’t prepared to wait the course and jump right in, only to lose their target and leave disappointed.

The key to a good hunter is patience and monitoring.


If you are hunting for rabbits then watch them, take note of their movements, their diet, where they are at certain times of the day, and what you need to be able to catch one. Having this kind of knowledge on-board will give you a better chance of being successful at catching one.

Once you have your catch you need to cook it thoroughly, especially with the likes of rabbit where a great tip is to cook it with the skin still on so you get the fat and the lean meat.

What Weapon or Equipment do You Need?

Another major tip is to choose the right kind of equipment, which again depends on what you are hunting for. If you are hunting rabbits and smaller game think about what you can find out in nature to save on the extra carriage.

The following items can help you catch small game:

  • Stones
  • Rocks
  • Sticks

You can also use homemade crossbows and catapults to help give some force to the final shot.


For larger game then you need something that can take them down, and this is where you are going to look into air rifles, guns, knives and bow-and-arrows in order to bring the target down effectively.

If you have chosen fish as your primary target then you will need a good fishing rod, or a quick hand.

The Ultimate Hunting Tip – Keep The Wind to Your Back

It may sound crazy, as most hunters tend to do the complete opposite but if you are on the hunt for deer make sure the wind is hitting your back as the idea is to get the deer moving. Circle back around and do the same again once or twice more, this will confuse the deer to knowing where exactly you are located, making them a prime target.

wind to your back

Above all, make sure that you do this on your own; having a hunting partner with you will only blow your cover and make it harder to get a good shot on your target.

As a last point to make here you also want to be in an area that you can get a clear enough shot on your target. The last thing you want to do is spend hours hunting like this only to get the prime opportunity blown because of the target being too covered up in dense thickets.

Our Final Words of Advice

Remember that hunting can be dangerous, so make sure that you are all prepared before venturing out, especially if this is the first time you are hunting. Take a map, get to know the area and all the landmarks, and have a bag packed with survival gear before you step out into the unknown.