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Remington Tyrant Air Rifle Combo Air Rifle Review


Investing in the right kind of air rifle may be not mandatory but is a must if you are thinking of getting rid of pests, target practice or even hunting. Talking about air rifles brings us down to one particular company that produces some advanced rifles and has done wonders by introducing the Remington Tyrant Air Rifle Combo air rifle.

It is the kind of rifle that is inclined more towards the hobbyist rather than a beginner. Nonetheless it is an ideal one for many because of its ergonomic make and sturdy built. Let us have a detailed look at it.

Key features

Okay now I must say that the Remington Tyrant is a spring operated air rifle that ideally can be used by experts over novices. Additionally it has some outstanding features that need special mention here, like:

  1. Velocity wise – This one has a velocity of 1200.00 ft/sc that makes it a quiet air rifle unlike the others in this category. Along with the spring operated pressure it can release a shot with stronger power making an extensive impact.
  1. Accuracy is the word – It has mount (unmounted in this case) of 4×32 that makes this single shot rifle quite accurate with elasticized lens covers for its scope. This means that you can home in on the required target with maximum accuracy. Honestly enough I found this to be good with notorious rodents and of course birds.
  1. Justified barrel – The break barrel weighs 7.29 lbs that is as much as necessary to make a powerful shot.
  1. Trigger it off – With two-stage and an adjustable trigger, Remington Tyrant Air Rifle Combo air rifle has an ambidextrous synthetic stock which is considered a must for its weight of 27 lbs. It comes with a Automatic safety Rubber recoil and uses alloy pellets of 1000 fps.
  1. Use friendly – I would say yes it is very user friendly with a little adjustment you can start using it easily. It has a textured grip makes it easy to grasp the rifle and not to mention the synthetic stock feels good when help in hands. In continuance it has to be mentioned that it is 42 inches long that suggests it easy to hold as well.

Why use a Remington Tyrant Air Rifle Combo air rifle?

Here are a few of the many advantages of using a Remington Tyrant:

  • Good for beginners, collectors, hunters and those who like simple plinking.
  • Can be used to control pests like rabbits, raccoon, rats, birds at smaller distances or even rodents.
  • Easy to hold with a pull of 14.25 length.
  • This way you can keep your barn, home, farm or garden protected.
  • This air rifle makes it easier for you to the hit target with maximum efficiency without missing it.
  • The spring piston is a blessing for use.
  • Its pellets can really hit hard and its result can be lethal.
  • It comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It has been observed that this air rifle can take down a prey with great power, hence you can use it for longer distances as well
  • It is safe to use as there is no additional projectile that can rest once the magazine is removed.

Pros and Cons

As a matter of fact Remington Tyrant Air Rifle Combo has many things that go in its favor like:

Advice for you when using this product

One serious advice for you would to strictly keep it out of reach of children (no matter how old they are)! I keep mine hidden in the garage which as of now is considered to be out of reach for my 2 years old.

Another point that a few may miss is that you need to 18 years old or above in order to get an air rifle. In addition to this, a word of caution for adults would be that of getting licenses as are required in your respective states.

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A Remington Tyrant Air Rifle Combo air rifle can be friend if you are farm or a garden owner. It can protect you from pests and can also give you the pleasure of hunting at the same time. So investing in one such armory is not that bad, yes provided you really need one.