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What does your gun say about you? They say your choice of gun defines who you are as a shooter—so what do you look for in a rifle? Do you prioritize affordability? Are you much into esthetics? Is power something you crave? Are you after the function? Whether you are a collector, a competitive shooter or a hunter, one thing will be certain—you need a weapon that will satisfy as promised and Gamo delivers just that with the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle.

It is a magnificent European creation that boasts a 0.177-caliber air rifle that is suitable for hunting and target shooting at all types of weather conditions. A true work of art in your hands, there should be nothing else on your shopping list but this beauty.

Features of the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle

Air rifle aficionados, collectors and competitors have much reason to delight about the product given the following:

  • Length: 43.3 inches
  • Weight: 6.1 pounds
  • Ammunition: Receives all 0.177-caliber pellets
  • Velocity: up to 1,200 fps with alloy pellets
  • Trigger pull: 3.74 lbs with second stage adjustable trigger and manual trigger safety that gives you a very smooth shot
  • Barrel: 18 inches in length with a single barrel break system. It is a fluted polymer jacketed steel barrel that helps you get a good grip so that you can hit your target with admirable precision
  • Mount: Dovetail
  • Checkering: Subtle/non-slip texture design on forearm and grip
  • Cocking effort: 30 pounds (automatic)
  • Scope: 4×32 air rifle scope with rings and a scope ramp with a grooved receiver
  • Stock: Tough all-weather molded synthetic stock
  • Butt stock/cheek piece: Ambidextrous twin cheek pads that is quite smooth and hugs the face perfectly while you are using it
  • Butt plate/recoil pad: Ventilated rubber/recoil pad makes the recoil jerk comfortable on impact

Benefits of you when using the product

Few of the most noteworthy benefits of the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle are mentioned below:

  • The stock of the gun is very light weight, making it easy to carry by virtually everyone.
  • It is one of the most up to date rifle for small hunting.
  • Preferred by many marksmen as one of the most efficient target-shooting rifle.
  • This air rifle is solid and the weight is divided evenly.
  • It is a weapon for professionals who want to sharpen their marksmen skills.

Pros and Cons

When you make your choice, you endeavour to make it based on a careful survey of an item’s good and bad features. This section of this review puts those into detail so that you can make a sound decision.

What Customers Are Saying ?


Why Should You Buy It?

People who choose the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle choose it for a few reasons. You will pick this out among the crowd because it is:

G – ood looking. Everyone wants a good looking air riffle and the Gamo Hornet Air Riffle is a true beauty. It is handsomely threatening without trying hard, so people know you mean serious business
A – ffordable. For less a hundred dollars in Amazon, you can own an amazing air riffle that will perform like an expensive riffle
M – obile. It has a special design that makes it very lightweight and definitely mobile. It is easy to carry and is very easy to use, even if you are a beginner
O – utstanding performance. Brought to you by a trusted brand, you can trust that this air rifle will perform just as you would want it to. It shoots at impressive velocity, hits on target and fires with acceptable recoil.

Why should you buy it? You buy GAMO because it can be trusted.


Every purchase you make should be one that is based from a thorough assessment, especially if you are expecting to enjoy what you buy. The Gamo Hornet Air Rifle has become a popular choice for both beginners and experts because it delivers as promised—going over and beyond what people expect from it. Satisfying the financial, functional and esthetic demands of users, when you choose the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle, you are choosing a winner.

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shahrehman says July 30, 2015

Your review is very comprehensive and helpful, i have a Gamo Hornet and and your are absulty right its very friendly to use for beginners.

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