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5 New Pieces of Turkey Hunting Gear to Help Tag a Gobbler

 If you are heading out to one of the states that allow air rifle turkey hunting this fall, make sure you have all the right turkey hunting gear on hand to ensure a successful hunt. Not only will you need a .22, .25, or .30 caliber spring piston air rifle, you will also need the […]

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Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review 2016

You are reading this article probably to know more about air rifles or check some details you might have forgotten. But for sure, you are already familiar with what an air rifle is and how to use it. Most of the time, people tend to associate air rifles with bird hunting. Yes, it is partly […]

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The Printable Turkey Hunting Gear Checklist

A List of Essentials for Every Turkey Hunter Out There Spring turkey season is fast approaching in many parts of the United States (or in some places it is already here). Eager hunters seeking to bag a prized bird should keep in mind these turkey hunting gear essentials before they set out to hunt. First Things […]

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Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle Review

Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle is out with high-powered Nitro Piston Technology that gives you accurate and smooth shooting with greater speed and high energy. This Air Rifle comes with a durable hardwood stock to ensure greater stability. Pistol grip is up to the mark, offering strong hold over the gun while shooting. The Benjamin […]

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Rifle scope

What do you actually do when you are going out to buy a rifle for yourself? Such an easy and an obvious question it is, the answer given by maximum of the people would be that you just go and buy the rifle and return back nothing else. But let me tell you that this […]

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Hunting Rifles and Calibers: Which ammunition to choose to shoot down your prized game?

Hunting is widely gaining popularity as adventure sports and is widely persuaded now by people of all age groups. In most of the cases, the hunters will tell you that a lot more than selecting the best rifles that suits their personal choice and style goes into shooting the prized game that they are usually […]

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880 Powerline Kit Review

Powerline Kit 880 is the flagship of Daisy product line. The Powerline kit package comes sildenafil vimax with safety glasses, scope with rings and pellets. BBs can also be used in place of pellets with a speed of 800fps. The multi pump feature adds optimum performance to this rifle. In order to increase your accuracy […]

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Some tricks for hunting!

How many of you think to do something interesting in your lives, how many of you think that hunting is an adventurous thing that a person can ever do? The people who say yes, then the below lines or the paragraphs are just for you. We all know that hunting is something that will bring […]

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Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT Air Rifle Review

Gamo Bone collector is a sleek and stylish air rifle for shooters. This rifle is packed with plenty of features that would definitely bring shooters ultimate pleasure while shooting. This air rifle comes with 11mm optics and a noise dampener, making it quiet and calm. Gamo Bone Collector comes with adjustable trigger shock absorber and […]

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Hunting- tips and tricks for you

Hunting!! Seems to be a very dangerous word? Right? Actually right for a lay man, but not for the person who is having a great passion for hunting. Hunting is the passion for the people who want to do something very different from the other people. The adventure that you will feel in going for […]

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