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Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle Review 2019

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Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle features the high-powered Nitro Piston Technology that gives you accurate and smooth shooting with greater speed and high energy. This air rifle comes with a durable hardwood stock to ensure greater stability. The grip is up to the mark, offering a firm hold over the gun while shooting. To learn more about this air rifle, read our Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle review.

The Benjamin Titan Air Rifle comes with a 4x32mm center point adjustable scope to target your prey with greater accuracy. Optic mounting gets easy with the help of quick-lock optic mounting system. The velocity of this air rifle is 950fps with 23 feet lbs. of muzzle energy.

Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle is a magnificent piece of armor that delights the shooters while going out for hunting. It is a very high powered air rifle; therefore the recoil power is much more than expected. It can shoot from a very long distance with precision and accuracy that outlasts.

Moreover, the Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle is made of sturdy material and possess balance and stability while shooting. This air rifle is available at an affordable price and can be purchased even by a person with a tight budget. High profile shooters as well as beginners like it because it is a sleek, stylish, powerful, and economical air rifle.

Features of the Benjamin Titan GP

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The Benjamin Titan GP is a nitro piston rifle. It works the same as a spring rifle, but instead of a coiled spring, it has a gas-filled cylinder. A nitro piston gun is lighter and lasts longer than a spring gun. It is also easier to cock and has less recoil. Also, you can leave it cocked for days because there’s no spring fatigue.

This air rifle is available in .177 and .22 caliber. The .177 is ideal for target shooting, while the .22 is suitable for pest control and hunting. The Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle is a single-shot break barrel gun. After shooting the first shot, you need to break the barrel and manually reload the pellet.

Cocking and Loading

First and foremost, put the gun on safe. Hold it by your side, and tap the muzzle end firmly to open the breech. Let the rifle rest on your upper thigh then grasp the muzzle end. Pull the barrel down to its limitation to perform the cocking action.

With the breech open after cocking, you can now put the pellet (pellet’s nose lying forward) into the breach. Pull the barrel up into its original position until it locks. You are now ready to shoot.

Benjamin Titan GP Sight

The Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle doesn’t have an open sight. Instead, you have a 4×32 center point scope for more precise shooting. This scope is reliable enough for plinking and target shooting. But if you prefer, you can upgrade to a more sophisticated scope.

Velocity, Accuracy, and Power

In .177caliber, the Benjamin Titan GP Nitro can deliver up to 1200 fps with alloy pellets. In .22, this break barrel air rifle is capable of 950 fps with alloy pellets and 800 fps with lead pellets. This is at par or better compared to other air rifles on the market. You can use the Benjamin Titan GP both for short and long range shooting.

Shooting Range and Intended Use

The effective shooting range of this air rifle is up to 60 yards. This gun is ideal for plinking, small game hunting, pest control, and target shooting.

Benjamin Titan GP Price

The price of the Benjamin Titan GP is lower compared to other air rifles like the Gamo Silent Cat. It’s a great price for a gun that delivers fantastic accuracy, low noise level, smooth cocking, and hard-hitting power.

Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle is not an ordinary air rifle that would get you bored after sometime. This air rifle possesses the features of high profile air guns and rifles that are available at a very high price. There are a number of features that make it stand alone among other air rifles and benefits that would help you while shooting. Here are some of the benefits and features of Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle.

  • Smooth Shooting: Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle is an exclusive air rifle that allows you to enjoy smooth shooting without getting jammed. You will enjoy the swiftness and smoothness of this high profile gun.
  • Velocity: Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle can shoot up to 1200 fps (.177 caliber) or 950 fps (.22 caliber). Higher velocity allows you to shoot your prey without letting it get away.
  • Gas Piston: The gas piston in the Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle allows you to enjoy smoother shooting and brings more life to the air rifle.

Benefits of you when using Benjamin Titan Air Rifle

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  • Low Price: It seems very surprising that an air rifle with high profile features is available at such a low price (affordable and easy on your pocket).
  • Lasts Longer: Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle lasts for a very long time as it doesn’t comewith a metal spring.
  • Reduced Vibration: Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle comes with a gas piston that reduces the vibration while shooting and does not distract you.
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    One-Year Warranty: Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle comes with a low price as well as a limited warranty for one year that starts from the day of your purchase.
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    Performs Well in Cold: Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle is ideal for shooting in cold weather, unlike other air rifles that get stuck and are difficult to use in extreme cold.

Benjamin Titan Pros and Cons

Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle is the most contemporary and high profile air rifle that comes in a lower price tag. It has some of the best features that are loved by the majority of customers all over the world, the minor issues notwithstanding. Here is an overview of pros and cons of the Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle.


  • Nitro piston technology
  • Great power
  • High-end velocity
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    Decent scope
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    Good-looking wood stock
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    Amazing accuracy


  • Long, heavy trigger but can be fixed several ways

Why should you buy it?

The reason you should buy the Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle is that the cost is very low and it offers efficiency, accuracy, and stability. Even if you are a beginner and trying to get your first rifle, Benjamin Titan GP Air Rifle is the best one available out there in the market. Moreover, you can be more familiar with air rifles and how to manage and take care of them. For the lesser price and with a one-year limited warranty, you can try out this gun without any hesitation. You would really enjoy the shooting experience after buying the air rifle that comes with bundles of benefits.

Final Word on Benjamin Titan GP Review

No matter how many guns you have tried in the past and ended up in complete disappointment; make sure to give this air rifle a try. You won’t lose anything and it will be worth each penny you spent on this high powered gun. The only downside is that the trigger can be difficult to pull down and pellets can be difficult to load. However, you will learn about handling it in the right way.