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Best Air Rifle to Hunt Rabbits

Many people may not know what the best air rifle to use to hunt a rabbit. If you are a rabbit hunter, this is important information for you. In order to be the most successful you need to be properly equipped with the right rifle. Most hunters prefer to have a more light weight rifle and the rifle does not have to be super powerful because a rabbit is relatively small. Also an appropriate scope is necessary to get clear views of your target. The right rifle, tools, scopes, and price all play a factor into your success at rabbit hunting. Presented with the following information we can conclude that the 22 air rifle is the best overall air rifle to hunt rabbits with. Although there are many other great options out there too, many would prefer this rifle.

Our Favorites

22 Air Rifle

22 air rifles are the best air rifles to hunt medium sized prey like rabbits. A 22 is a little more expensive than some of the other air rifles because as the caliber increases the price of the pellets/bullets increases too. The extra weight in the rifle helps to provide the most power in a pellet gun. To get the best results in a 22 air rifle you should look for velocities of 500-900 fps. A 22 caliber air rifle provides the most accurate shot and is not likely to be affected by the outside elements like rain. If you are using a 22 air rifle for hunting rabbits, it is suggested that you do not hunt with dogs because of safety precautions. A 22 air rifle is the perfect rifle for hunting rabbits, because of precision shooting and the strength to kill the rabbit but not damage the fur and meat.

Top 22 Air Rifles for Rabbit Hunting

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22) powered by Nitro Piston: 

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This 22 is great for hunting, especially for hunting rabbits. At a reasonable price, you won’t regret this rifle purchase.

Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle:  

It is a one of a kind gun.  It is a great gun for hunting rabbits and has great accuracy.  The gun comes equipped with a 4×32 center scope.

Umarex Octane Air Rifle Combo, Gas Piston air rifle:

An excellent air rifle for hunting and it is a reasonable price on amazon.  This rifle comes with a 4×32 center scope which is a great feature to have.  Especially for hunting rabbits.

Crosman CPNP22SX Phantom NP Synthetic Stock Nitro Piston Hunting Air Rifle:

This 22 caliber air rifle is state of the art. It’s velocity is 950 fps and it has a rifled steel barrel.  Also, it has a 4×32 center point rifle scope with fiber optic sights.  Get your one of a kind air rifle on amazon now, check out the links on this page to go directly to your dream rifle.

PCP Air Rifle

The PCP air rifle requires more maintenance than the other pellet guns. To have pressure in the pellet gun the gun has to be “charged” with either a scuba tank, high pressure hand pump or a carbon fiber tank. With every shot a little bit of air is released from the gun. This leads to the gun losing power and having to be refilled with high pressure air. Even though it is an inconvenience to recharge the air rifle it still works effectively and as long as you don’t waste your shots, you will be golden. Due to the inconvenience of the PCP air rifle it is not the best air rifle to use while hunting, especially for rabbits. Rabbits are quick and require accurate and precise shooting. If you miss with the PCP you have limited shots and then you have to refuel, which is not ideal. The PCP has it’s separate qualities that are unique to itself.

The Best PCP Air Rifles for Rabbit Hunting

Crosman Discovery Pre-charged Pneumatic PCP Dual Fuel .22 Air Rifle and Pump: This one of a kind gun has a velocity of 900 feet per second.  Buy it now on amazon and get a one year warranty.

Crosman PCP challenger .117 caliber Pre-charged pneumatic PCP air rifle with sight:  This .117 caliber air rifle is a great gun to hunt rabbits with.  It shoots up to 530 feet per second and is of great quality.  See the links at the top of the page and the bottom of the page to get your air rifle now.

Benjamin Discovery Rifle and Pump: This pre-charged gun takes the inconvenience out of the PCP air rifle. It is a great deal that has raised the bar for PCP rifles. It has an accurate shot for you to get the best results while waiting for your shot.

The Best Break Barrel Air Rifles for rabbit hunting

The break air rifle is a great starter rifle and is easy to get working well. If you are a beginner, many experts say that the Break Barrel rifles are the best to start with. Break Barrel rifles are some of the most common pellet guns out there and are easy to maintain and has no additional parts to deal with. The Break barrel rifle is even easier to use then the PCP rifle. The break barrel rifles tend to have excellent accuracy, mostly because the pellet has less time to travel through the barrel compared to other models.

Best Break Barrel air rifles on the market

Crosman Optimus .177 Break Barrel Pellet Rifle: A very powerful rifle with high rate of accuracy; It is one of a kind.  It has an impeccable velocity of up to 1000 fps.  Also, it on weighs a little over 7 pounds which is important because you do not want to carry a heavy gun around while hunting.

Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Air 2 Air Rifle with Scope:  This quiet rifle includes a scope, one year warranty and an enhanced trigger.

Winchester Model 1400 CS .177 Caliber Break Barrel Air Rifle with Scope/Bi-pod/Sling, mossy oak:  This air rifle shoots with a velocity of 1400fps with alloy pellets.  The sound is repressed by a sound repressor that reduces sound by 50%.  Not only does it have a sound repressor but it also has a 3-9×32 scope included and a bi-pod.  This air rifle has many features and supplements that are included in your purchase.

Best Air Rifles for the Money

If you want a good deal you may have to search around for the perfect rifle that will fit you the best for rabbit hunting. You always want to make sure that you find the best quality rifle for the least amount of money. Some of the best deals out there may be hard to find.  Amazon is a great place to find your air rifles or a local gun store by you.  Who doesn’t want to get the best air rifle they can have for less money.

Rifle Scopes

The scopes of a rifle are very important to look at before you purchase your rifle and to ensure you get the best air rifle possible.  A scope that magnifies 3x-9x is the most suitable for rabbit hunting. This type of scope will give the hunter the best compromise and function because he can use the lower magnification for lower light settings which allows more light to the shooters eye. The lower magnification also helps the hunter to see a wider range, which is especially important in a wide open field. Rabbits are fast and smaller to medium sized game which makes them difficult to view from a far range. To get the best air rifle, for rabbit hunting, you need to invest in the right scope for your gun. Some of the most common scopes attached to rabbit guns; Leupold VX-II, BSA Contender, Bushnell Elite 4200 4-16x AO.

Hunting with dogs

Dogs are an excellent tool to use when rabbit hunting. Although hunting with dogs still requires a gun, you want to use a lower powered gun if you have your dogs nearby. They are great for tracking down the rabbits and do all the hard work for you.

Best Air Rifle to Hunt Dogs

All of the best air rifles are suitable for rabbit hunting, but some are better than others. When deciding on the right rifle, they are all definitely worth your time to check out to see what they each offer. Maybe you want a gun that isn’t just for small/medium sized game and is for multipurpose hunting. Click here to read one of our previous posts on the top 10 overall air rifles.

All of the factors discussed in this article are very important in choosing the best air rifle to hunt rabbits with. Each option will get the job done for you and depending on what situation you are in, your gun selection may vary. Yet there are many great rifles out there, we have found that the 22 air rifle is the most effective air rifle to use while hunting rabbits. It has the best features for success and is powerful, easy to maintain, and accurate.

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