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Hunting Rifles: Your Guide To Selecting Rifles Which Are Reliable Suit Best Your Purpose

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Rifles are hand held and shoulder fired weapons that can shoot off the bullet in range varying from few tens of meters to few hundred meters. 

Ask any good hunter and you will quickly come to know that hunters choose their rifles, or for that matter, any hunting weapon wisely and after due consideration of their needs. Hunting different game animals may require the use of different hunting weapons. What matters most is the hunting range. The hunter first needs to decide whether he or she is required to fire shot range fires or shoot off the bullet to long range in order to kill its prey.

Whether it is for sports like shooting or killing your prized prey the choice of the gun and the expertise you have over it are going to matter a lot. One not only needs to choose his or her hunting rifles wisely but is also required to practice it with lot of patience and be an expert in shooting accurate shots and be quick in firing shots. For this one also needs to be mentally and physically sound and alert. So, even you have the best of rifles and have practiced a lot, it is important to stay healthy and stay flexible and keep your muscles flexing and just firing the shots.

When it comes to buying the right rifles one must keep these points in mind.

  • Use the theory of backward induction: What is backward induction? Most of the hunters would be familiar with this concept. However, it still needs some illumination. Backward induction is the method of first deciding what one wants. In any rifle shop you will find numerous rifles varying in size, shape, material they are built of and of course the price tag they carry. In such a situation opting for the one with the highest price tag in your affordable range does not always work. You first need to be clear about your objective. Before going to the shop be clear about the range you wish to fire and the amount to damage you wish to implicit upon your prey. Then ask the shopkeeper to show you the rifle that fires in that specific range. You will thus short list many of the rifles among numerous and will have fewer choices than before. Next tell him about the kind of game you want to hunt, this will decide the type of bullet that you will need and thus will decide the type of cartridge you will need to buy. Now, not all cartridges can be used in all rifles, so will you further narrow down your choice. From this point you can move on to select the rifle according to your personal preferences. Now you need to consider other factors like the gun weight, its size, and the material that appeal to you most.
  • Choosing right rifle cartridge: if you are too confused just buying a rifle, choosing the right cartridge to hunt down your prey is yet another tough job and in fact more crucial than the former. A shopkeeper will show you the cartridge. Now a cartridge consists of a cartridge case, which encloses bullet and the charge attached to it. The shopkeeper will tell you about the calibre of the rifle, which in fact is nothing but the diameter of the bullet in the cartridges. In addition to the calibre some manufactures specify the length of the bullet. In general if you need to shoot a small animal you will need a cartridge with small calibre and small length. In contract to shoot a big animal you will need a powerful cartridge that can fire bullets with bigger calibre charged with strong gun powder. For killing small games you can choose either .22 or .17 caliber cartridges. For hunting bigger animals you can opt for .22 calibres which have more range and impact. You can still go for more range and impact by choosing cartridges with .24 or .45 calibre. These will be great to kill heavier animals at long ranges. However firing accurate shot with .45 calibers is a daunting task, as long range bullets also provide greater recoil when fired. 
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    Choosing the rifle action and the material: a rifle can fire a single shot at a time or can fire multiple shots. Single shot rifles will use a single cartridge at a time, while multi shot rifles can accommodate more than one cartridge at a time. Moreover, the other cartridge can be loaded automatically or needs to be loaded manually. You should choose the rifle you are comfortable with. The rifles are also categorised according to the loading action they require into three basic categories. These are falling-back action rifles, rolling-back action rifles and break-open rifles. Apart from these there is one more category called trapdoor single shot action rifles. The most common among these is the falling block action rifles, and is widely used in the hunters’ community. The reason are personal preferences and also the ease with which next cartridge is loaded in a falling block action rifles. Moreover, these rifles are known to be best suited for both right handed and left handed hunters. Rifles are mainly constructed of the carbon steel or stainless steel. The stainless steel rifles are prone to rust, but are expensive than the carbon steel rifles. However, if maintained properly the carbon steel rifles are a good option to go for.
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    Consider the rifle stock and the grip: the rifle stocks are constructed out of wood or fibre glass. Both the materials are good. Choosing the material of the rifle stock is thus a personal preference. However, one should consider its size. The rifles come with various stocks. One should opt for the rifle stock which better suits the grips of the hand.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are comfortable with your rifle, and that your rifle meets the demands of the prey to be killed.

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