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880 Powerline Kit Review

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Powerline Kit 880 is the flagship of Daisy product line. The Powerline kit package comes sildenafil vimax with safety glasses, scope with rings and pellets. BBs can also be used in place of pellets with a speed of 800fps. The multi pump feature adds optimum performance to this rifle.

In order to increase your accuracy of shooting, you can put on riflescope to get a clear picture of prey and shoot without any difficulty. Hence, this product is more powerful and accurate than the previous versions that are capable of firing 800 shots per second.

The Powerline Kit 880 is suitable for people of age 16 and over. This gun is enjoyed by most of the shooters because it comes with all great qualities of an expensive and modern gun that is difficult to afford. However, Powerline kit 880 is available at low price that can be the first choice for amateur and beginners. The spring piston and multi pump pneumatic delivers optimum results.

It is designed in such a way that you will not feel tired after long hours of shooting. The cheek piece and stock made of wood grain helps you grip the gun firmly. Comes with one year limited warranty, this great rifle is ideal for shooting small pests without making much noise.

Features of the Product

The 880 Powerline kit comes with exclusive features that really make you feel the comfort and joy of shooting without getting bored. Whether it comes to grip of the rifle or speed and accuracy, this rifle is number one choice for most of the shooters, even professionals. Here are some of the features and benefits to help you find what you need.

  • Capacity: 880 Powerline has the capacity to shot single capacity for pellets and 50 shots for BBs.
  • Multi-Pump: The Powerline 880 comes with multi pump pneumatic action that allows you to have clear shot without delay and being stuck.
  • Accuracy: Powerline 880 kit comes with steel barrel that brings greater accuracy and performance.
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    Easy to Grip: Shaped, wood grained Monte Carlo stock and forearm for easy grip to make you feel ease even after long hours or shooting.

Benefits of the 880 Powerline Kit

  • Shooting Distance: It can easily shoot at a distance of 291 yards.
  • Safety: Crossbolt trigger helps you block the trigger for safety and be safe from any accidents and reach of children.
  • Fiber Optic Scope: Fiber optic scope allows you to sight in front as well as back to target the prey with greater accuracy.
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    Eye Protection: Eye protection glasses come along with this kit allowing you to protect your eyes from being hit by any particle.

Pros and Cons

Powerline 880 Air Rifle kit comes with number of benefits and very few or almost negligible negatives. If you are thinking of getting this air rifle, you might want to have a look at the pros and cons to decide on what are you getting for your money spent.

What Customers Are Saying ?

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Why you should buy 880 Powerline Kit Air Rifle ?

The Powerline 880 Air Rifle is a great gun with so many exclusive features that would really bring ultimate pleasure while shooting. It is ideal for shooting small pests such as squirrels, mole, rats and rabbit. It comes with a scope that won’t meet the expectations of many shooters, however, if you are a beginner, it can help you a lot in practicing.

Loaded with bunch of exclusive features, this air rifle is available at low cost and comes with 1 year of limited warranty. If you are fond of shooting and want to enjoy some great shooting in leisure hours, Powerline 880 Air Rifle is just for you. You can enjoy accuracy, convenience, speed, smoothness and low price that can offer great value to your money.

If you have a friend, owing the same air rifle would help you in guiding about the features and benefits that would really force you to buy this gun.


The Powerline 880 Air Rifle can be a great choice for professional, beginners and amateur shooter with exclusive benefits and features. Most of the beginners who bought this gun for practice, loved this gun throughout even after many years.

Speed, accuracy, durability and price are some of the notable features of Air Rifle Powerline 880. The multi pump pneumatic action is the most exclusive feature that allows you to enjoy smooth shooting experience without getting stuck. It can shoot prey at a distance of up to approximately 300 yards.

Powerline 880 Air Rifle is very lightweight with durable material that can withstand any weather conditions. Moreover, this Air Rifle is made exclusively for young shooters who are just 16 years or older but they are advised to use it under adult supervision.