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Why Choosing The Right Bullets Matter for Deer Hunting

Why Choosing The Right Bullets Matter for Deer Hunting

There is nothing better than getting all your planning and preparation done, heading to a hunting field and spending hours closing in on a trophy buck, to finally get that important shot away that bags you it. Every step of the hunting process is just as important as the step after or the step before, because one flaw in your overall strategy can lead to a breakdown in you getting a good catch.

Whether it’s your skills that need brushing up on, the right equipment, the correct gun for the type of hunting you will be doing, right down to the bullets that you are loading into your rifle. Each little part of the jigsaw connects together in order to make your hunting trip a great success, and at the same time helps you improve as a deer hunter – giving you knowledge that you can then hand-down to any younger generation of hunters.

Taking a Closer Look at The Nose Shape

Why Choosing The Right Bullets Matter for Deer Hunting

Spitzer bullets are generally perceived as the more popular and widely used bullet designs, and the one reason they have become the forefront of bullet design is because they offer the best aerodynamics and hold energy and velocity much better than any other bullet design on the market.

When it comes to deer hunting it means that these spitzer bullets can be used for long-range attempts which is perfect for this particular type of hunting. They are actually capable of up to 200 yards which is rarely needed, as hunters only extend their reach to a maximum of 100 yards in usual conditions.

Sharper bullets may look the part but in actual fact the rounded or flatter nosed bullets will actually give you much more energy, and also help transfer energy far more quickly into the deer.

So the plan really is as follows:

If you are in need of a bullet for a good 300 yard shot then you want to be loading up with some sharp nose bullets. Bring that distance right in to a short range and you want roundnoses, but in general 75-200 yard shots you want to be looking at spitzers as your choice of bullet.

How The Bullet Should Act: Expand or Penetrate?

How The Bullet Should Act: Expand or Penetrate?

There have been many an argument about this topic of conversation and the truth is that it comes down to personal preference but there are some tips you can take away with you right now.

Firstly let me explain what penetration bullets do:

These will enter the deer and then exit the deer when you make a shot, this will leave a blood trail that will make it easy for you to follow if the deer makes a run.

Expansion bullets enter the deer but they don’t exit, instead these type of bullet will expand inside the deer.

Most deer hunters actually g for the bullet expansion route because it is more effective in taking down the deer as all the energy erupts inside the body which will not only provide a larger wound but it will have more impact and damage inside the deer’s body. That’s why hunters prefer shooting solid designed bullets that take time to expand, as it will cause more damage inside.

The Best Deer Bullets on the Market

The Best Deer Bullets on the Market

This brings us nicely around to helping you identify the best deer bullets on the market at the current time of writing, and there are a selection of 3 we want to look at here.

The first is the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, which boasts a lead core with a copper outer casing, and these are perfect for slow and controlled expansion in the deer’s body. It isn’t uncommon that these kind of bullets can destroy the deer’s lungs.

The second selection is the Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets which uses a polycarbonate substance on the tip which allows the bullet to initiate the expansion process inside the deer. Again, this bullet has a lead core to it and you will find that these hit deer hard and fast, meaning you are going to get an instant kill if you hit them in the right place.

The final bullet we wanted to look at is the ultra-bonded Remington Premiere Core-Lokt. The copper outer case is locked tightly to the lead core and has been classed as one of the best bullets in the world by hunters.  With a full hit of penetration and transfer of energy to the deer you can’t go wrong with a case of these cartridges, and they currently top the charts for the bullet that has killed the most deer in the world.

The .30-30 Winchester

These are just a selection of three that we think are suitable for the best deer hunting experience but there are many different types and designs out there to choose from.