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Deer Hunting Season: Where are the Best Spots?

Deer Hunting Season: Where are the Best Spots?

Deer hunting seasons can vary dependant on what state you are in, also the rules and regulations can differ so it’s important that you read up on when the seasons open and close, as well as the type of equipment you are allowed during certain months. Some States offer better hunting than others so we wanted to bring you our top 5 list of States where you definitely won’t come home empty handed. Oh, and if you are looking to bag yourself your first prize trophy then these top 5 hotspots are home to some of the biggest bucks you are likely to find in this beautiful country we live in.

Check them out below:

#1 Deer Hunting Season in Texas

Deer Hunting Season in Texas

Texas has always been a very popular hot spot for deer hunting, especially with the plethora of white-tailed deer that occupy the wide open spaces of land that Texas has to offer. Trust us, there is plenty of land as well, with over 2 million acres of land that is available to hunt on – that includes both public and private.

Due to the climate and the space, you will often find trophy bucks roaming the land here as the development and growth for deer is probably one of the best places in the US, as the population continues to boom.

#2 Deer Hunting Season in Ohio

Deer Hunting Season in Ohio

Jumping into second place in our list of best spots for the deer hunting season is Ohio. Why have we chosen Ohio in second place? Purely because down to the size of the bucks that can be hunted in this part of the country. There aren’t many more places or States where the bucks grow and develop to such stature, which peaks the interest of hunters who are looking to get a prize catch.

The good climate and great land is a popular place for both deer and hunters alike.

#3 Deer Hunting Season in IOWA

Deer Hunting Season in IOWA

In third spot we place Iowa who boasts some 200,000 deer in the region. Due to the farmland and strong supply of food to help the deer grow and develop, you will be greeted by some of the biggest deer in the country. The only real issue here is that overpopulation could become a serious problem to farmers and food supplies, which will have a knock on effect to hunters.

#4 Deer Hunting Season in Kentucky

Deer Hunting Season in Kentucky

Another popular place for deer and hunters is the beautiful location of Kentucky which has an incredible 6.4% of land that is open for hunting. To put that into perspective we are talking about well over 1.5 million acres of land that allows for hunters to roam on.

With that kind of space you will find deer of all sizes, including many white-tailed deer which is one of the most popular in the country. You will also benefit from talking to the locals who will only be too happy to offer you support and advice on how to improve your hunting skills in while you are in the State.

#5 Deer Hunting Season in Pennsylvania

Deer Hunting Season in Pennsylvania

Finally we look at our fifth pick on the list, and a State that boasts quite a lot of mountainous areas that allow hunters to explore different and more challenging environments. Whether it’s the wooded land or out on the open you can bring back deer from a range of sizes, and don’t think for a minute that trophy bucks can’t be captured in this region, some of the country’s biggest have been plucked from the million acre hunting land of Pennsylvania.

Do I Need a Permit to Hunt?

Most States will require you to buy a permit in order to hunt for deer, along with your hunter’s license. Usually the permits are quite cheap and can range from $5-$10 dependant on the area you are going to be hunting in.

Just make sure that you pay close attention to the tools that you can use, as the general guns eason may start later in the season in some States such as Florida, who coincidentally open their hunting season with crossbow and bow lead hunting styles.