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Benjamin Varmint Power Pack Air Rifle Review

There are many different brands and types of air rifles. Figuring out which one is right for you can be a stressful process. Air rifles are for a variety of people and each of them have different uses for their air rifles. Whether you are a small game hunter, just looking into air rifles as a hobby or you are an avid sport shooter, you

need to do your research on which gun is best fit for you. The Benjamin Power Pack Air-Rifle is going under the scope by looking at customer reviews, product descriptions, and performance tests to see if it’s the rifle you need.


Product Descriptions


Air rifles are used for many different things and this Benjamin air rifle is ideal for small game hunting and target shooting. The Benjamin Varmint Power Pack air rifle is more versatile than some air rifles because of its double use. This rifle is a .22 caliber which means it slightly larger than most air rifles. The typical air rifle shoots a .177 caliber round. The fact that this rifle shoots a larger round than normal means that it is more deadly when used for varmint hunting. This Benjamin air rifle shoots at 1200 FPS which is typical for an air rifle. This air rifle comes with a 9×32 scope. Ideal for target shooting and hunting. Air rifles come in many different types, and this rifle is loaded using the break barrel feature. This is a single shot rifle due to this fact. There is no clip or bolt.


Customer Reviews


This is a very popular and well known brand of rifles. Many people have a

lot of good things to say about the air rifle but some may have negative feedback. To truly get the right air rifle for you, you need to see both ends of the spectrum. One of the many good reviews says,“Couldn’t ask for a better air rifle. Super accurate. Great for pest control”. This shows that it’s good for somebody who uses it to protect their house from pests. Another good review includes, “Once the scope was sighted it was amazing how accurate this worked.” Many target shooters and varmint hunters should find this useful because apparently once you get the rifle sighted in, your performance should get better due to this rifles great accuracy. On the other hand, some people didn’t have good things to say about this Benjamin air rifle. This customer was not happy about the manufacturing and durability of the rifle saying, “stock and scope mounting screws keep coming loose even after lock tight.” If you are an avid shooter and plan on using your gun regularly this is a red flag because you don’t want your gun to fall apart and have the screws come loose.This air rifle received four out of five stars on  I hope these customer reviews help you make your decision as to if the Benjamin Varmint Power Pack air rifle is right for you.


Performance Tests

One of the final things to review about an air rifle is its actual performance. This Benjamin air rifle has a crosman nitro piston installed into the mechanism. This is a durable piston that provides strong power to the gun. The air rifle supposedly has 1200 FPS but due to lots of research and knowing a little about air rifles, this air rifle doesn’t truly shoot that fast. External and internal factors slow the velocity down to about 950 FPS. This is still powerful for a break barrel air rifle. This is a typical velocity of air rifles used around the house for pest control and shooting targets in the back yard. The Benjamin air rifle is an accurate rifle with a scope that comes loose. You can always purchase another scope if you are an avid user. If you would like additional information and wish to purchase the Benjamin Varmint Power Pack air rifle, please feel free to check out