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Duck Hunting For Beginners

duck hunting for beginners basics

Outdoor sport such as hunting is a fun activity for both beginners and professionals. There are quite a lot of animals that you can hunt, and without proper knowledge and skills, you will end up in great disappointment. If you are new to duck hunting, and are not aware of all the things that are necessary to begin, you should go through this article. This article will help you a lot in hunting for duckseffectively. Here are some of the guidelines to follow.

Make Sure you can manage

Hunting is not all about carrying a rifle and shooting aimlessly, rather it needs preparation before going to expedition. Make sure that you can manage it as hunting is all about killing animals, which is not manageable for most of the people. If you can not see blood on your hands, duck hunting is not for you. Make sure that you are well prepared both mentally and physically to meet all kinds of situations. In my point of view, it is not the game of faint heart and weak stomach.

Search suitable place to Hunt

There are several places on the earth where you can go for hunting duck and the first thing is to find the right place. Find the people who owns the land privately and charge some bucks to hunt exclusively. However, if you are not willing to spend huge amount of money, you can go for public lands and wildlife areas that can be good for hunting ducks. Majority of people prefer to hunt around rivers, lakes and pond. Remember, the more the area is isolated, greater is the opportunity to hunt. You can ask people about those places or simply search on the internet. Hunt in different areas through the hunting season to see which one is most suitable.

Arrange for Right Gears and Accessories

When going for duck hunting, it is necessary to wear camouflage dress because as soon as the ducks come on the land, they will feel the danger and you may miss the opportunity. Stay hidden from ducks by wearing right set of clothing and accessories. You also need to have a camouflage hat that is waterproof so that it does not get wet in the rain. Invest money to get warm coat that is waterproof because as long as you are dry and warm, you will have more fun. Another thing that you need to have is chest waders because some ponds or lakes are only accessible by wading. It can also be used for setting decoys and retrieving duck.

Get Right Ammunition and Weapon

For duck hunting, you will only be allowed to have a shotgun. Make sure that you get the one that can work without any problem after being dropped in mud. Majority of people use 12-gaugeshotgun which is a medium sized gun. However, you can go for 10 gauge to get the bigger one or 20 gauge for smaller one. For hunting purpose, try to get the 27-inch barrel length because longer barrel can help you shoot at a longer distance. You can either use two shot or three shot shells but for hunting larger ducks and geese, you can go with BB. The most important thing about the gun is that you must be well aware of handling it and practice a lot before going out for hunting. It would be a trouble, if you are not aware and cannot target the duck precisely.

Get a Boat

Getting a boat for duck hunting is probably the wisest choice. The boats can be helpful in many ways. It can transport you to the places where it is difficult to get without it and make it easy for you to target ducks effectively. It is necessary that you put on right apparels and accessories to camouflage yourself and make appropriate arrangements to hide yourself.While hunting out of a boat set your decoys all around the boat and be careful that it is not strangled in any of the lines.

Know the Rules and Laws

Whether you are out of hometown or enjoying vacation in a foreign land, every state and country has its own laws, rules and regulations. Before going for hunting, it is essential to know about the laws and regulations. What are the age limits, what type of weapons are allowed, which season is lawful for hunting, what type of duck or geese you can hunt etc?Make sure that you are well aware of all these laws before getting in any trouble. An easy way to follow these laws and bindings, make sure to have a print of it with you.

Hunting Dog will be Helpful

Dogs can be very good for hunting, if they are well trained and behave decently. Otherwise, dogs can prove to be a nightmare as they will scare the ducks away and will cause unscrupulous than worthy. It is therefore recommended to get your dog trained well and affirm that it can be a good partner for hunting ducks rather than disappointing you.

Learn to Recognize Ducks

It is important to know that what type of ducks you are going for hunting and recognizing it properly. There are several species of ducks looking similar, and without proper knowledge; you will not know which one is the one that you are looking for. You need to know what they look like when in the air or in the water. The most effective way to know the type of duck is by looking at the body and its size. Similarly, color can be very much helpful in recognizing the correct ones. Bills and shapes are also reliable indicator of type of duck you want to hunt. For the beginners, they must explore internet and get familiar with different species and the one they will go for hunting.

As long as you follow the above tricks and tips, you will definitely hunt the ducks effectively without getting in any trouble and enjoying your outdoor adventure.

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