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How to Capture Photos on The Hunt with Game Cameras

How to Capture Photos on The Hunt with Game Cameras

Hunting for deer can provide you with some great memories of your time in the outdoors, and what better way than to capture photos and footage of your time than through the eyes of a deer hunting camera?

However, if you are new to the hunting scene you are probably thinking ‘surely my usual digital camera can do the same thing, why do I need to invest money in a game camera?’. This is where veteran deer hunters will sit you down and then explain the differences between the two pieces of technology, and that is exactly what we are going to do now.

Why Not Just Invest in a Digital Camera?

Why Not Just Invest in a Digital Camera?

There are a number of reasons why deer hunting cameras are beneficial to the huntsman and the first is that it boasts different features to your usual digital cameras in order to help capture better photos. The biggest difference is in the design and look, they are more robust and built for conditions where you are going to be bumping, scraping and jarring the camera on ledges, rocks and against trees. The sturdy design of a deer camera means that all the important and delicate components are kept safe away from any external source, such as the weather and these forest elements.

The next point of address is the actual camera specs that are used and the features that have been incorporated to these specialised cameras. Most of them will have specs such as:

  • 1/4-second trigger speed
  • Infrared illuminates up to 100 ft
  • Select wide or centered views
  • Burst and time-lapse modes
  • Day, night or 24-hour operation options

Just these five features themselves will prove to be a must-have in a hunting environment and something you don’t get on digital cameras.

Therefore, if you are serious about capturing memories you should invest in a game camera, and depending on how often you will use it and the budget you have in mind, you can pick yourself up a decent bit of kit.

The Top 3 Deer Hunting Cameras Uncovered

The Top 3 Deer Hunting Cameras Uncovered

Now you know a little bit more about the important of a deer hunting camera over your regular digital cameras let’s take a look at the best ones on the market.

Stealth Cam MP Trail Camera

If you want to have a mix of photos and video then this Stealth cam can be mounted to a tree to record 5 to 180 second HD videos with sound but will also use a super-fast reflex trigger speed of less than a second in order to capture photos in various resolutions. The Stealth Cam is easy to operate and the AA batteries last a long while so you don’t need to worry about your camera dying on you at any point.

In terms of cost this is one of the lower-end cameras and can be purchased for around the $120 mark but you may be able to save some on that price by shopping around or using a coupon code.

The camera will allow you to pinpoint with accuracy where the trophy bucks roam and will open up a whole new door of opportunity for you when it comes to locating them and bagging them.

Wildgame Innovations Blade 8X 8MP Trail Camera

Wildgame Innovations Blade 8X 8MP Trail Camera

If you are looking to save money and not spend a great deal then the $90 Wildgame cam should be a camera that you look at purchasing. These cameras provide great value for money and take some crystal clear photos so you don’t need to pay any extra for higher MP cameras.

At the front of the camera you will get 18 high-intensity infrared LEDs so that you can efficiently capture night-time deer movements which is paramount in seeing how the deer roam about, what they feed on and where they go. Best still the range detection is 60 ft. and the camera can withstand adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain.

Reconyx Hyperfire HC 600 Trail Camera

Reconyx Hyperfire HC 600 Trail Camera

If you don’t mind spending money and have the budget for a high-end camera then you will want to look at this Hyperfire cam which costs $550.  For that price you are going to be getting a camera that has excellent battery life, trigger speed and picture quality. You won’t be getting any false triggers with this Reconyx cam and it’s perhaps one of the best when it comes to not spooking the deer because the Hyperfire is quiet and there is no red power glow.

The Reconyx is also very easy to use; however you shouldn’t expect any video capturing mode with this model. For some hunters that can put them off because of the already steep cost associated with this specific camera, so it depends on personal preference on whether video recording is something you require.