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Packing The Right Equipment For Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting Gear: Packing The Right Equipment

You can be the most skilful hunter on the planet but without the right equipment you are going to struggle to have a successful hunting trip when it comes to hunting for any type of deer, in any State in the USA. Carrying the right tools and accessories is a key part to the overall process of hunting for deer as it can aid you in having an all-round better experience in the field, as well as helping you achieve that end goal of bringing back a trophy buck.

So, what exactly do hunters need to prepare their backpack with before heading out to hunt? We are going to show you some of the tools you really ought to be carrying along with you so next time you venture out on a hunting excursion you are going to be better prepared.

Dear Hunting Gear: License and Permission

Dear Hunting Gear: License and Permission

Before starting any hunt it’s important that you know all the guidelines and policies of not just the hunting area you are going to using but the general State laws in regards to the do’s and don’ts because the last thing you want is to be hit by heavy fines which will spoil your hunting experience.

Therefore before you even come to packing your bag you will need to acquire the land owners permission, and get yourself a hunting license so you are completely legit.

Dear Hunting Gear: Clothing

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Two words you need to always remember is ‘Hunter Orange’ this is the color for hunters to wear so that other hunters in the area can spot them clearly. Using these colors is fundamental for health and safety reasons so be sure to pack an orange baseball hat and safety vest.

You will also need the correct boots for the area you are going to be hunting in, so if you have a pair of insulated or uninsulated then check the conditions and pick the right pair for your hunting trip, and likewise with the gloves you are going to take.

Dear Hunting Gear: Equipment

Dear Hunting Gear: Equipment

Now we come to the equipment that you are going to need to pack into your backpack. Firstly, what a lot of hunters fail to remember is extra ammunition so make sure that this is the first thing in your bag. If you are going to be taking a gun rest or bipod then you will want to make sure you set this side to take as well.

Depending on the terrain you may want to take a climbing stick if you are going to be experiencing elevated inclines or rocky bypasses where you could lose your footing. Scent reduction sprays are also a popular choice that you will find in a hunters backpack which will help eliminate body odor and allow deer to get closer to you without being spooked by any scents.

Other equipment can include:

  • Cameras
  • Batteries
  • A knife
  • check
    Ground Blinds
  • check
    Tree Stand
  • check
    Cleaning Kit

That’s all the bigger equipment out of the way, but you will also need some general accessories for your hunting trip. Binoculars, compasses, flares, 2-way radios and rope are some of the major accessories you want to add to your back pack but if you have enough room in there then it’s worth packing some hydration packs, a knife sharpener, some matches or a lighter, sunglasses, trail marking tape and a flash light.

Other than that, don’t forget to take some form of ID with you as you might need it.

Dear Hunting Gear: After The Catch

When is the Open Season in Florida?

Once you have waited it out for hours and have finally bagged yourself a trophy catch you don’t want to come all that way to realise you have forgotten something important that will stop you from claiming the deer.

Therefore it’s important to tick off all the things that you are going to need with you after you have pulled off that successful shot.

A cart is the first thing you should be looking for, or a deer drag so you can actually move your prize away from the area. Game bags, plastic bags and freezer paper and tape are the other accessories you should be checking off as these are just as important.

In terms of tools then you will need a folding saw, butt-out tool, pelvic saw, grinder and some processing knives. If you don’t have a processing knife then you can get complete processing kits at all outfitters which will do the job no problem.

Other than that don’t forget to pack a pair of gutting gloves, and we would recommend getting a pair that are shoulder length. Try not to forget these! If you do then at least remember to put some hand sanitizer into your backpack…trust us you will need it!

Dear Hunting Gear: The Final Checks

Dear Hunting Gear: The Final Checks

The only other things that you need to take into account now are you gun, or crossbow, dependant on which season you are heading off to hunt in. Without this you might as well head back home as you won’t have a successful hunt.

The other optional things to pack are calling cans or tubes so that you can attract and communicate with deer in the area. Now, this all depends on what type of deer you are going to be hunting so pack your Grunt Call/Tube, Fawn Bleat Can, Estrus Bleat Can or whichever you are going to be using. Again, this is an optional choice but if you find that a calling can works then you might as well throw this into the mix if you have the space available to you.

If you are carrying anything electronic then you will also want to make sure that batteries are all fully charged up, and spare ones are packed if needed. Make sure that you also print an aerial view or a map of the hunting ground you are going to be using as this will just make your hunting experience much more enjoyable and help you navigate around the area with ease.