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Where to go Deer Hunting Camps

Deer Hunting Camps: Where to go Hunting

Hunting is an exciting pastime in itself but meeting up with other hunters and traveling out of town for a vacation can be one of the best experiences of your lifetime, especially if you have only just started out on the hunting scene. With that said, there are many deer hunting camps scattered across the country from North to South, from East to West. The key question here is what areas are best for hunting, which camps are going to meet your needs and what exactly is it you wish to hunt for?

After all, it’s no good going into this blindfolded. If you want to hunt for whitetail deer you are going to want to do a little bit of research to which areas of the country are going to offer you the best chances of bagging one.

You are in luck though as we are going to take you through some of the best deer hunting camps across the country so put aside a few minutes and let’s dig in.

Deer Hunting Camps in Colorado

One of the prime hotspots in the country for whitetail deer is Colorado, especially for the larger type of whitetail deer which occupy the region. The only catch to hunting in Colorado is that huntes must either draw a rag or buy a transferable landowner voucher and that goes for both out of state visitors and residents alike.

Deer hunting camps in the region will work with you in order to help you harvest a monster buck and you will get many benefits if you book in your hunt with one of the local camps.

Usually you will be provided meals and lodging as part of the initial booking but you will also get transportation to and from the airport if you are traveling in from another state. You will asl get assistance with field dressing and caping your trophy which for some hunters is a massive bonus.

After a long day of hunting you can also relax at the lodge or in the lounge of the lodge and relax with a beverage or a game of pool.

Deer Hunting Camps in Kentucky

Deer Hunting Camps in Kentucky

Kentucky deer camps are some of the best in the country and in particular whitetail heaven offers some 5500sq of hunting ground for you to experience, and lurking in that sheer space are some mature bucks that you can hunt down.

This camp alone has high success rates for its visitors and provides all meals and lodging facilities with your booking.  Like many deer camps you will also benefit from transportation to and from the venue, field dressing and caping, and a lifetime of memories to take away with you.

Just be sure to check any policies within the area on minimum harvest points as you could fall foul of heavy fines if you take smaller bucks.

Deer Hunting Camps in Illinois

Deer Hunting Camps in Illinois

Another popular area of the country for hunters looking to bag themselves whitetail deer is Illinois, and Xtreme Hunts in Pike County will provide you with the chance to book in a hunt which will offer you many benefits. As part of the hunting guide they will discuss the layout of the land, wind direction and helpful hunting tips and strategies that are worth listening to in order to make your trip or vacation a successful one.

Xtreme Hunts also have four main lodges in the area and you have the choice of either bringing your own food or letting the lodge staff fix you up some food while your stay.

Bucks in this region tend to range from 130 to an incredible 300 so if you are readily prepared you could be bagging yourself a monster trophy. The layout in this area also consists of ridges, valleys, creeks, and food plots so selecting the right gun for your trip is also an important part of the preparation process before you head out to the deer hunting camp.

Deer Hunting Camps in Missouri

Deer Hunting Camps in Missouri

The next place we come to on our list of great deer hunting camps across the country is Missouri, a place that offers a fantastic natural habitat for whitetail deer. If you are looking for 100% fair chase hunts then Cherry Tree is one of the deer camps you want to look into as they come highly recommended, and the lodges are located in some of the best hunting grounds in the country for trophy free chase bucks.

The guides that you will be given are also some of the most dedicated and experienced you will ever get at a deer hunting camp, with most spending 35 years or more as whitetail deer hunters.

At the camp you will also get to explore 3500 acres of land that contains over 100 tree stands so plenty to go around for all the hunters that come and hunt at the camp.  Just make a note that there is a minimum 135” for whitetail deer at most of the lodges in this area and anything smaller will be subject to fines.


Hunting Camp

There are many deer hunting camps across the USA, and all will offer the same kind of guides and accommodation, however its worth looking at State policies on what you can and what you can’t do. It is also advisable to check which areas are best for the deer you wish to hunt. Whitetail deer are the most popular type of deer to hunt and the above deer camps that we have reviewed are prime hotspots for these type of deer.

Some deer hunting camps will also have a minimum marker, and any smaller bucks that are harvested will be subject to fines so just make sure that you read up on all policies and laws before you do venture out to a deer hunting camp.

Other than that, they will provide many great memories for you as a hunter and 75% of hunters tend to rebook the next season as their preferred deer camp.