If hunting is your passion and you are very serious about it, then does not matter what firearm you use, a laser range finder will make you a great hunter. If you need to save your time on aimless shooting, get a hunting range finder to find out the exact distance where your target lies and plan shooting of the target in view of that.

An undetectable laser beam that moves at the speed of light comes out from the laser range finder when you point it to the target and hit the target animal and bend back to the laser range finder. The time taken by the laser beam to reach back is converted into distance and displayed on the screen of the laser range finder. It is so easy to use that is why it is at the top of list of hunter’s favorite hunting equipment.

Top 10 best Laser Range Finders For Hunting:

There are a variety of range finders available but it takes considerable effort and time to find out the finest and top quality laser range finders for you. I have developed a chart for your ease so you can quickly compare the range finders and find the one exactly according to your preferences.

Benefits Of Using A Range Finder For Hunting:

Laser range finder makes hunting a success owing to its numerous benefits. Hunting demands high precision and accurate shooting otherwise it will be a disappointment and you will bring back home only story of missed shots:

  • A laser range finder works precisely and you can rely on its measurements to find the exact distance between you and the target.
  • The distance accuracy helps a hunter focus on devising a cautious technique to be implemented for shooting the target successfully rather than aimless shooting.
  • It saves a lot of time as the laser beam travels at the speed of light and you can get the distance measured within seconds of pointing at the target.
  • It is light in weight so you can carry it around easily.
  • It specifically helps in long range hunting as the hunter and locate the target precisely even at long distances.
  • Led illumination allows viewing of the display even during the dark and hence hunting can be continued even when it gets dark.
  • Hunting is not a guess game, it is a game of precision therefore a laser range finder gives an accurate measurement of target’s location.
  • It is easy to use and needs pushing a single button to get started and does not require any complex procedure to operate it.
  • For observing the target clearly, magnification lenses are used in a laser range finder so that you can get a clear view of the target up to 100 yards or even more.

Using A Range Finder While Hunting:

Using a range finder when hunting can bring about successful shooting of game animal. Always ensure that you carry extra battery with you when you set out for hunting and a microfiber cloth for cleaning the lenses if they get dirty during hunting.

While experience teaches you best tactics there are many that have been used by hunters successfully.

  1. When you are waiting for the animal, you can use the time to find the distance of trees 30-40 yards away or even more with your laser range finder so you already know the distance when you see an animal near one of those and can go ahead with shooting.
  2. Animals move quickly at times so as soon as you spot the animal, take out your range finder and measure the distance without any delay. Now shoot with much more precision and you won’t miss the shot.
  3. If you come for hunting at an area quite often, you can mark the yards on trees from your preferable location of shooting. You can make use of ribbons in different colors or spray paints for that purpose. This will save you a lot of time and you will be able to shoot before the animal moves.
  4. Make sure you carry it in a case with either shoulder straps for easy carrying or in your pocket, whatever is easier for you.

Top 5 best Range Finder reviews For Hunting:

It is quite helpful to come across the reviews of best range finders as it saves you a lot of time and you can easily choose among the high end manufacturers that promise durability and highest quality. I have chosen reviews of five top range finders from high end manufacturers to help you make the best choice and have a great time hunting with it.

  • Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Range finder:

Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Range finder

It weighs only 4.4 ounces without batteries which still makes it extremely easy to carry around during your hunting expeditions. I usually keep it in my pocket just like my smartphone. It is so light in weight that you do not even feel there is something in your pocket.

All you need to do is push a button to get started. The display is clear and easily readable. After inactivity for eight seconds, it powers down. The distant target priority mode provides a range with the furthest target from all the targets measured. It provides 6x magnification and an objective lens of 20mm. It provides extended eye relief of 16.7 mm and is multicoated.

I have even used it in low light conditions and got a bright view. It provides reliable measurements and I do not miss any target since I have started using Nikon 8397 ACULON laser range finder.

  •  Simmons LRF 600 Laser Range finder:

Simmons LRF 600 Laser Range finder

Simmons LRF functions well and uses an LCD display that give a clear view specifically during the day. It gives precise distance measurement from 10 to 600 yards and therefore it is quite effective and reliable.

Simmons LRF 600 Laser Range finder comes with 4x magnification which makes the image quite bigger. I would not recommend a high magnification laser range finder as it decreases field of view. It provides a vertical design. I have used it in all weather conditions and it proved to be reliable.

The magnification allows shooting better in bright conditions and for day light shooting, it is very ideal. Simmons LRF comes with a carrying case. It weighs 9.8 ounces and I can easily carry it around during hunting. Simmons LRF 600 Laser Range finder works the same like other expensive laser range finders except it is a cost effective option.

  • Wildgame Innovations Halo X Ray 600 Laser Range finder:

Wildgame Innovations Halo X Ray 600 Laser Range finder

This has been a very effective and safe option during my hunting time. I have used it for deer hunting and it provides a range of up to 600 yards. It provides magnification of 600 yards which ensures a superior image quality and minute details can also be observed with this laser range finder.

Wildgame Innovations Halo Range finder is water proof hence I do not have to worry about any damage when it rains. It comes along with a nylon case.

I have a microfiber that I always keep with me as I usually hunt during winters and fog makes the lens foggy but it can be cleaned instantly with a microfiber. The protection of coatings does not damage any internal parts during foggy weather conditions. It comes with a one year warranty in case of any damage. Wildgame Innovations Halo X Ray 600 Laser Range finder uses CR2 lithium battery for long battery timings.

  • Bushnell Michael waddell Bone Collector Edition 4x 21mm Laser Range Finder, Realtree Xtra Cam:

Bushnell Michael waddell Bone Collector Edition 4x 21mm Laser Range Finder, Realtree Xtra Cam

Michael waddell Bone Collector Edition 4x 21mm Laser Range Finder provides a magnification of 4x and has a 21mm objective lens. It is easy to operate with a light push of a button. It has a compact design and is extremely light in weight.  I can also carry it in my pocket without any discomfort. It is waterproof as it comes with rainproof housings so it can be used in bad weather conditions.

Michael waddell Bone Collector Edition 4x 21mm Laser Range Finder provides a range accuracy of up to 600 yards. High magnification allows clear images for precise shooting. I started operating it without any confusion and even during first time, I could accurately shoot deers. It comes with a 9 volt battery and a case for protection.

  • Bushnell Team Primos The Truth ARC 4x20mm Bow Mode Laser Range finder:

Bushnell Team Primos The Truth ARC 4x20mm Bow Mode Laser Range finder

Bushnell Team Primos The Truth ARC 4x20mm Range finder is powerful Laser range finder that is great for long range shooting as it provides an accurate distance of 7-199 yards. It offers magnification and lens of 4x20mm for clearer and high quality view of the target. It is probably the best laser range finder I ever came across.

It provides swift and uncluttered display of measurements that aid in precise shooting through high brightness, clarity and sharpness.

Bushnell Team Primos The Truth ARC 4x20mm Range finder comes with a battery and a carrying case that has a neck strap as well. It is rainproof and hence can be easily used in bad weather as well without any damage to the internal parts. I regularly clean the lenses and body so that I achieve maximum clarity and target shooting precision. Bushnell Team Primos The Truth ARC 4x20mm Range finder is a great option for long range shooting.

How to choose the best Rangefinder for hunting:

When choosing a laser range finder it is crucial to find the one that perfectly caters to your needs. I have listed down the most crucial factors that you must consider to make sure you get the best range finder. Do not forget to buy it from a reliable source.

  • Accuracy:

Laser range finder needs to be as accurate and precise as possible. Get a range finder that provides an accurate distance with a minor difference of 1 or 2 yards. Precision is extremely important for an accurate reading especially in bad weather conditions.

  • Image brightness:

Image brightness depends on the coating of the lens which reduces glare and forms a sharp image. A multicoated lens will help in maximum light gathering as compared to single coating and will produce a much brighter image therefore get a range finder that has multi-coated lens.

  • Display color:

Laser range finder either use LCD screen that gives a black display or LED screen that gives a red display. Generally LED display gives a clearer view and is easy to read in low light conditions where as an LCD display is easy to read in day light conditions. It all depends upon your hunting times and choose the laser range finder with the display that suits your hunting times better.

  • Magnification:

Magnification is fundamentally important for long range hunting scenario, sometimes you need to stay at a long distance from the target and locate it and for long range hunting a laser range finder will have 7x-8x magnification. Do not go for a very high magnification as high magnification means decreased field of view.

  • Battery timings:

If your hunting expeditions go on for long hours, then go for a range finder that provides highest battery life. Alternatively you can buy additional batteries as well.

  • Water proof:

When it starts hunting during the rain, you do not want to damage your laser range finder that is why go for a laser range finder that comes with water proof coatings so that during rain it does not get jammed or frozen.

  • Weight:

The weight of equipment cannot be neglected when hunting needs long distance walking on foot. Sometimes, manufacturers exclude the weight of the battery when displaying weight of the device so make sure you estimate the weight of both and find the one that does not cause any hassle while hunting.

  • Price:

Your budget is a very crucial aspect in this regard. When you are looking for laser range finders, filter your research according to your budget so you do not have to face any issue of paying more than you can. Before paying do consider the warranty and read the terms and conditions as well.


A laser range finder will either elevate your worries or will completely remove them when it comes to hunting therefore choose the best one as it is all a matter of quality of lenses and internal parts therefore, do not hesitate to pay a little extra when it comes to high end brands like Bushnell or Nikon. Make sure that you choose a hunting range finder that perfectly suits your desires. Consider magnification, weight, battery timings and extended eye relief for best results. Furthermore, high maintaining and regular cleaning will ensure no scratches to the lenses and the laser range finder will keep functioning best even after years of purchase.