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Why Is Gun Safety Important?

Whatever your view of guns might be, there is a high chance that your child will run into a firearm once or twice during their lifetime.

With almost 30 kids a year falling prey to gun-related violence within the US, gun safety training is vital for everyone. This subject needs be tackled head-on – no one should be asking ‘why is gun safety important?’

why is gun safety important

In response to this pandemic, we’ve compiled some gun safety rules and ideas that we hope will make your home a much more secure environment for both your children and yourself.

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Gun Safety Tips for the Family

It’s the duty of gun owners to help keep firearms out of reach of their kids. Don’t forget that even three-year-olds can pull a trigger.

Not only this, but they can’t make appropriate judgment calls.

So how are you able to keep children safe when you have a gun inside your home? Here are some basic suggestions you might want to take note of.

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Instruct Children Not to Touch Guns. Ever.

Teach your children to keep their hands off guns. It is not acceptable for a child to touch a gun unless supervised.

If guns are something that is important in your families’ lifestyle, you should teach adolescent to take appropriate care of the weapons you allow them to have. It’ll also help them build proper respect for gun safety.

When younger children get older, train them how conscientious you need to be as a gun owner because including handling and storage.

If you engage in range shooting, you can include them in a supervised setting, or maybe just target shooting. It’ll help develop a good understanding of how guns must be handled.

Talk to Children About Guns

Talking openly and honestly about firearms, and gun safety in general, with kids, is considered much better than simply informing them that they shouldn’t go into the gun closet.

Address subjects such as the difference between real-world violence and TV or video game violence. Remind them that guns in video games and on TV aren’t real and that they are only fantasy.

Nevertheless, a real gun has bullets, which upon impact can rip through muscles, organs, and bones, doing irreparable harm, and potentially even taking someone’s life.

You should also make sure they know that it isn’t amusing or a joke to ever threaten to shoot someone. These phrases are taken extremely seriously and may also summon the police, or worse, result in retaliation or defense.

Rules of Gun Safety for Kids

Why is gun safety important? Kids are extremely curious – it’s their nature. The majority of them, particularly the small ones, aren’t disciplined enough to follow directions.

Therefore, you have to teach them about guns and gun safety –  including safe handling and operation.

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Here are a few ground gun safety rules for children to follow:

  • If they come across a gun and do not know whether it is a toy or real, tell them to deal with it like it is the real thing.
  • Kids (and adults) should always assume and handle a gun as if it is armed, even if they think it may unload.
  • Kids mustn’t parade firearms around to friends and classmates.
  • Never allow your child to take a gun with them, wherever they are going.

Storage of Guns in the Family Home

Protection is one of the most significant factors for gun storage. All of us understand how curious kids are about the things that parents have concealed from them.

And so, concealing the gun inside a closet or maybe on a shelf under a sweater isn’t going to cut it.

Buying a safe you can lock is very much recommended.

Gun safes have a key combination or a lock, rendering it not possible for children to get inside of it. Some of these actually make use of fingerprint scanners, stopping further attempts by children to gain entry.

You also have a duty to store your ammunition separately from the guns you keep. Maintain the passwords or combinations for every firearm and all ammunition in different locations and most importantly, out of the reach of kids.

Why Is Gun Safety Important?

With guns a part of so many families, making sure you keep your little ones, as well as yourself and your partner safe, is paramount.

The best way to do this is not just to keep firearms out of reach, but to make sure children have the appropriate knowledge for dealing with such dangerous tools.

Even though you can keep them away from your firearms in your house, they need to be aware of how to safely deal with them when they come across guns outside the home or later in life.

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