Top Best RWS Air Rifle Reviews

Guns are a brilliant thing and those who are truly passionate will agree that is amazing how one item can command such respect, most especially when it is properly chosen and perfectly matched with the user.

The best air rifle can boost one’s image and enhance one’s skills in handling and firing a weapon. There are a number of RWS air rifles in the market and if you are looking for the best weapon, the search will be a little tricky. You have to scrutinize your options very closely, but first of all you have to set your own criteria.

Top 3 Best RWS Air Rifles

1. RWS .22 Pellet Model 34 Combo Rifle

2. Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle

3. Diana RWS 34 Meisterschutze Pro Compact Air Rifle

Top 3 RWS Air Rifles Reviews

If you are in the market for the best air rifle, it will be good to consider these three top picks:

1. RWS .22 Pellet Model 34 Combo Rifle

This is a spectacular weapon with a robust break barrel system. It is very popular not only for its handsome Monte Carlo stock of hardwood but its amazing function.

It is German-made that boasts an ambidextrous cheek piece, a two-stage adjustable trigger, adjustable rear sight and rifled barrel.

Its users rave about its magnificence thanks to the following:

  • It has open sights that although takes some getting used to, in the beginning, will be very helpful given that it lights up but not too brightly. The illumination provided works wonderfully and helps with the aim.
  • It has very little to no recoil so it is so much easier to use and handle, even if you are a new user and not accustomed to these high-powered weapons.
  • It can shoot long range targets. Some even note that it can hit targets as far as 25 yards with impressive accuracy.
  • Affordable and reasonably priced for its amazing features, you would think that you have an expensive weapon in your hand.

Some may find an issue with cocking the rifle, but it definitely loosens after several uses. It will also help to apply some lubrication for ease.

2. Diana RWS 34 Breakbarrel Rifle

Do not be fooled by its seemingly feminine name because the Diana is a powerful German rifle that can definitely come up against the expensive brands in the market today. It has a two-stage trigger, a riffled barrel and a fully-adjustable fiber-optic sight. It is a winner for a lot of gun users and it should be your pick because:

  • It looks handsome because the wood finish really uplifts the look and feel of this weapon and it really blends well with the stainless components of the weapon. It gives a sophisticated and elegant appealto something really simple as an affordable rifle.
  • It is a powerful and accurate weapon that consistently achieves groupings of shots. It can shoot targets even at a considerable distance so it is a perfect weapon for hunting and target shooting.
  • It is a true value for your money because it is so much cheaper compared to other brands but performs much like an expensive weapon.

If you are not used to the two-trigger system it will be a little tricky, but everyone eventually gets the rhythm with constant use.

3. Diana RWS 34 Meisterschutze Pro Compact Air Rifle

This RWS air rifle is a very handsome one. It has a professional wood finish and a sleek design of black matte. Showcasing the signature two-stage adjustable trigger, it also has an ambidextrous automatic safety and a rifled barrel.

It is a German superb creation that gun aficionados love much for:​

  • It accepts multiple types of pellets. Not all pellet guns are versatile in this way and although some will claim to be, they will show some difficulty.
  • This model, however, will let you enjoy the assortment.
  • The scopes are great and you can definitely hit targets precisely with it. As a matter of fact, the shot groupings are remarkable, so this one is truly reliable when it comes to accuracy.
  • It is powerful and can shoot targets that are as far as 30 yards. It is ideal for hunting andtarget shooting.

Just do not make the mistake of firing this rifle when unloaded, as it can cause damage.

RWS Air rifles are useful for various reasons:

Why do people own and want to own RWS air rifles? Why are you thinking of getting one?

  • For hunting. If you love to hunt, air rifles are very reliable and they are easy-to-use and definitely more affordable than actual firearms.
  • For pest control. If you are dealing with pests and are desperate to get rid of them, the best air rifle can do the job. A good rifle will have impressive speed and power to knockout pests lurking around the house, so having a weapon lying around is reliable.
  • For recreational shooting. This is also known as plinking, when one is shooting using non-standard targets such as tin cans and bottles. Usually aimed to train or for leisure, it is quite fun and challenging to shooters of all ages and skill levels.
  • For competitive sports. The more serious rifle users may be using their rifles to win tournaments and with its power, air rifles prove to be amazing weapons for such.

You, alone, can determine which weapon suits you best. If you know what you want and you take time to study your options, you will be able to weed out posers from real winners—and get your hands on the right weapon for you.

What Are the Outstanding Advantages of RWS Air Rifles?

What makes RWS air rifles stand out in the crowd? Why do people choose it and why should it be your pick?

  1. Lifetime Warranty. This is not a common feature that you find on air rifles but what you will discover is truly magnificent about RWS air rifles is that they come with life time warranty. Some people are actually shocked that their rifles were completely replaced when they reported defaults years after they bought the unit.
  2. Durable. Despite the security afforded to you by the lifetime warranty the company offers, it is comforting to know that RWS air rifles pride on durability. They are built with quality materials so you can rely on it to perform impressively.
  3. Affordability. For the quality and performance of RWS air rifles, they are surprisingly cheap which means you get to enjoy a weapon that is comparable to expensive ones in the market, but you do not have to pay so much for it.


Are you shopping for the best pellet gun? Put RWS air rifles at the top of your list—and you will never go wrong. Their line of pellet guns are reliable whether you are going to use it for competitive shooting, recreational shooting, hunting or pest control.