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The Top 10 Best Air Rifles for Bagging Prize Trophies

We have spoken about may different types of Elk Hunting elements in the recent weeks on this blog, whether its techniques and tips on the gear that you are using, the clothing that you are wearing, the laws for certain areas of the country and even the different types of calibers that you can use to effectively bring down that prize winning bull Elk.

What we haven’t yet addressed is the top 10 best hunting rifles on the market that can make a big difference in how you improve as a hunter. You see, to be a successful hunter it requires you to have a certain level of skill, knowledge and of course patience, but you can’t be a successful hunter without choosing a successful rifle that can act as your right hand-man when it comes to taking to the hunting arena and bringing back big game.

In today’s article we have racked up our collection of the best 10 air rifles on the market today so if you are looking to upgrade your gun then you will want to take a look at what we have on offer here. Choosing a gun takes time but hopefully we will help you decide on a gun much quicker by detailing the prices to fit within your budget.

Air Rifle 1: The Browning Pellet 820

At the top of the pile we have the Browning A-Bolt stainless stalker which is a popular rifle at the moment in the hunting industry. It’s not just a gun for elks, or for deer, this gun is an all-rounder and offers a great deal of robustness, reliability and plenty of accuracy.

If budgets are tight then this rifle falls in at just under the $1,000 mark but depending on the time of the year and where you buy it from you can save a few hundred.

Caliber: .270 Win. Magazine capacity: 5 Weight: 6 lb. 11 oz. Finish: Stainless Stock: Synthetic Barrel length: 22″ Rate of twist: 1 in 10″ Overall length: 42 3/4″

Air Rifle 2: Ruger Blackhawk

Certainly not a gun for people who need to budget because of that hefty price tag that reaches over the $5,000 mark. If you have that kind of cash then no other gun matches up to the power, features and levels of this one.

Caliber: .300 Jarrett Magazine capacity: 2 Weight: 7 lb. 4 oz. (scoped) Finish: Phenolic resin Stock: Synthetic Barrel length: 24″ Rate of twist: 1 in 12″ Overall length: 46 1/2″

Air Rifle 3: The Remington AM77X

Always known as a popular budget gun this one falls in at under $500 so its makes for the perfect entry level gun for beginners. They are sturdy, powerful but do lack the accuracy of some of the more expensive guns.

Caliber: .30/06 Magazine capacity: 4 Weight: 7 lb. 2 oz. Finish: Blued Stock: Synthetic Barrel length: 22″ Rate of twist: 1 in 10″ Overall length: 42 1/2″

Air Rifle 4: The Ruger 77 All-Weather

As it says in the name this gun can be reliable no matter the weather, and for someone who hunts come rain and shine you are going to want a gun that can effectively do that alongside you. For $800 this is certainly one to look at.

Caliber: .338 Win. Mag Magazine capacity: 3 Weight: 7 lb. Finish: Stainless Stock: Synthetic Barrel length: 24″ Rate of twist: 1 in 10″ Overall length: 44 5/8″

Air Rifle 5: The Winchester Model 70

You can’t have a top 10 list without including the indestructible Winchester. This classic model weighs in at a nifty $800 and is one of the most popular guns on the market to date.

Caliber: 7mm Rem. Mag. Magazine capacity: 3 Weight: 7 lb. Finish: Stainless Stock: Synthetic Barrel length: 24″ Rate of twist: 1 in 9.5″ Overall length: 44 1/2″

Other Contenders to the Top 10

The above are our unchallenged sharp-shooters but there are also another 5 air rifles that we wanted to bring to your attention. The final 5 are more for the budget and beginner hunter, but are still widely classed as some of the most popular air-rifles that are on the market.

Air Rifle 6: Crosman Remington Tyrant

At $900 you will want this rifle just because of its look but the weather warrior also offers scope mounts for accurate shooting.

Air Rifle 7: Sam Yang Big Bore

Priced at $700 and packing a .50 this air rifle is a big bore air rifle that you know you can trust.

Air Rifle 8: Benjamin Titan GP

If budget really is tight then who can complain against $130 for an air rifle? It may not be the best but with adjustable open sights and weighing 6.5lbs you can’t go wrong.

Air Rifle 9: Benjamin Trail NP

A very sleek looking nitro-piston gun that comes in at $350, so again great for budget hunters and beginners.

Air Rifle 10: RWS Model 48

Bringing up the rear is the Model 48 by RWS, a heavy gun at 8.5lbs but one that can achieve up to 900fps with .22 caliber spring-piston shots. Yours for $450.

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