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5 of the Wild West’s Most Iconic Guns

iconic guns

The Wild West’s most iconic firearm is something fans of the time period really love discussing and debating amongst themselves. So why was would any particular gun be given so much time and energy from its fans?

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The most dominant weapon

While many people think a particular weapon was most dominant during the late 19th century, most serious pupils of the American West agree that the choice of firearm wasn’t conclusive.

Rather, it’s seen an assortment of rifles, handguns, and shotguns, in the hands of a colorful and diverse range of people, which brought both violence along with order and law to our Western states.

While there was a huge selection of various makes and models used to tame the frontier, we’ve taken a look at a choice few of these iconic guns that were prominent in the Old West, along with their owners, to judge the impact that they really had during this time period.

Colt Paterson Revolver

iconic guns

Constructed circa 1837 until around 1840. This legendary revolver was the first of its kind. Known as a ‘revolving pistol,’ it changed the way handguns made forever.

Despite having failed as Samuel Colt’s primary venture into firearm manufacturing. The Colt became famous when used against the Comanches by the first Texas Rangers.

Ranger John Hays is popular for using them to hold off a huge amount of Comanches in 1841. Now, known as Hays’ Big Fight at Enchanted Rock.

The Paterson proceeded to see service in Florida’s Second Seminole War. The Mexican War and also during the California Gold Rush.

1847 Colt Walker Revolver

1847Colt Walker

Despite the fact, only around 1,100 revolvers were actually made in 1847. The Colt Walker is still a turning point in handgun development.

It’s huge .44 cap and ball’s power and accuracy helped spread the word of Colt. Colt’s infamous pistols secured his place in the gun industry following his failure to make his mark in 1842.

Captain Sam Walker made improvements to the Paterson and was gifted with a set of Walker Colts, which he utilized thoroughly before his murder during the fight of Huamantla, Mexico, in October 1847.

1866 Winchester Rifle

1866 Winchester Rifle

Originally known as the ‘Improved Henry,’ more than 170,000 of these brass framed .44 caliber lever action rifles left the factory between 1866 and 1898, long after more potent centerfire ammunition trounced 66’s paltry rimfire fodder.

The so-called ‘Yellowboy’ sixty-six adored by many, including Sheriff Harry Morse, numerousNative Americans, and Custer’s favorite scout, Bloody Knife.

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Springfield Allin Conversion 1866 Rifle

1866 Allin Conversion

As the Civil War came to an end, the government changed many of the 1863 Springfield muskets to breechloaders, equipped to deal with self-contained magazines.

Adopting the moniker of the ‘needle gun’ due to its lengthy firing pin, notable as the reason the U.S. Army had been able to resist attacks along the Bozeman Trail.

They were also credited with being able to withstand pressure during the Wagon Box fights in 1867 and paved the way for later trapdoor rifles and also carbines like the 1873 Springfield.

This potent single shot arm used by hiding hunters during early post Civil War buffalo huntingyears.

Double-Barrel Shotgun

Double Barrel Shotgun

The rifle along with the six gun takes the award for being the best guns in the West. The double-barreled shotgun was as accountable for bringing civilization to the frontier.

A lot of the first pioneers invested all they had, to make it through the trek out West. They leave very little cash for weaponry.

The double-barreled scattergun is the most affordable and flexible firearms for defense. It is also the best hunting rifle.

A huge number of shotguns were the mainstay of settlers and soldiers. Native Americans, express companies, lawmen, hunters, and ranchers also depend on it.

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Iconic Guns of the Wild West

There are so many popular firearms and iconic guns in existence at the Wild West. As well as influential figures and events that shaped America. As we know it, the title of the most iconic firearm is still up for debate.

Clearly, we’ve only scratched the surface here. Hundreds of more weapons used and coveted by sharpshooters all across this time.

This argument itself is something questionable for years to come, and probably will!

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