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“He got involved with someone that convinced him he would

“All I know is when he came to my son’s residence, they were playing video games and after my son and him did what they did, my son went to sleep for a couple of days and was shocked that this had even happened.”Yarmey’s mother said her son had sought help for mental health issues last year and she believes his inability to get help may have sparked his drug addiction.”I think he started to self medicate and unfortunately it got to a level where he could not control it anymore,” she said.”He got involved with someone that convinced him he would supply his addiction if they helped him. And with his addiction being so powerful as we all know fentanyl is he couldn’t make the rational decision (between) right and wrong at that point.””Anyone that knows him knows that he will give the shirt off his back to help his friends,” Yarmey’s father George said. “He means no harm to anybody.

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