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If you are looking for a handsome and all-powerful rifle, the one for you is the Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle. It boasts a multi-pump pneumatic mechanism, but is powerfully intimidating with the sleekness of its looks. It is everything you ask for in an air riffle and more, because when you have it in your hands, people will know you mean business and that is exactly what you want in a weapon.

You want a weapon to be powerful both in appearance and in function. You want a weapon to be fire precisely so that it hits the target and does its job well; and you want the weapon to look its part—to command respect and to grab attention. The Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle is truly magnificent and this article discusses it prowess in detail.

Features of the product and Benefits of you when using it

  1. Sophisticated appearance. The appearance may not be the first thing one truly looks for in a weapon, it sure is a factor when someone makes a final decision. More than how it performs, people are concerned about how it looks in their hands and one should worry not about the Benjamin 392 not being able to deliver accordingly. It has a handsome hardwood Monte Carlo stock and a fully riffled brass barrel. The details are fine and intricate, the artistry is very impressive.
  2. Lightweight. For ease-of-use and convenient handling, it is made to be very light at only 5.9 lbs, so that there is no issue with its mobility. Anyone, novice or expert, will have no problem with handling it. It is easy to carry so the weapon will be good for all types of rifle users. It is hefty, so it looks very strong but it is not at all heavy.
  3. Powerful and accurate weapon. The Benjamin 392 Bolt Variable Pump is able to fire ammunition at 685 fps. It is impressively fast and is incredibly efficient, this weapon is good for target practice or for hunting small pests and game..

Pros and Cons

The Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle is a very popular weapon for all types of rifle users. If you are thinking of purchasing one, it will be smart for you to explore the pros and cons of choosing this Benjamin model.

Why you should buy it?

People have different reasons for making a choice about what they deem is worth buying. The Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle is the weapon you need if you are after the whole package. Equally powerful, attractive and precise—it is a good weapon that fits right on the budget.

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What are you looking for in an air riffle? Do you want a weapon that is handsome and is excellent at intimidating? Do you want a weapon that performs as much as it the top names do? Do you want a weapon that basically does it all? If you do, then you better go and get yourself a Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump Air Rifle—it is the best weapon for you.