You love 50 Cal Air Rifle

They say your choice of gun reflects what type of gun user you are and if you are after power and if you are looking for a gun will deliver what you require, you need to choose one with high calibre.

If you want accuracy and precision, you need a rifle that will deliver ammunition with impressive power and speed. A 50 cal air rifle do just that. If you want power, it will give you power. If you want accuracy, it will give you accuracy.

RWS Air Rifles have been known to impress users for a very long time now and it is about time you joined the family.

If you are looking for a rifle that is handsome without trying so hard and powerful without needing to be expensive, check out the many RWS air rifles out in the market today.

What Are The Advantages Of 50 Cal Air Rifle?

Calibre is the measure of the diameter or bore of a gun barrel and it dictates the diameter of the bullet or shell of the ammunition. When you opt for a .50 cal air rifle, you are choosing it because:

  1. It is extremely quiet. Guns are loud and violent. They are intimidating because they make their presence known, but some powers need not be severely loud to be strong and a .50 calibre RWS air rifles show just that. They are quiet and therefore perfect for hunting and pest control.
  2. It does not require licensing. The use of firearms is a regulated privilege but the beauty of air rifles is that they are not exempt from the regulation. A .50 calibre weapon is powerful as a real firearm but is not exactly on, so you can own one without a license.
  3. It is strong. With its barrel size you can expect it to exhibit a lot of power, which means you can rely for it to be accurate and precise when hitting targets, even at a considerable distance. RWS air rifles are strong and truly perform very well, whatever purpose you may want it to serve. They can fire bullets at 679 FPS and can shoot up to 150 yards.

Top 3 best 50 Cal Air Rifle

Now that you have learned much about 50 Cal air rifles, you are ready to go shopping and for your options, these three should be a good direction to go:

1. Denix .50 Caliber Ma Deuce Machine Gun Replica to Scale

Denix .50 Caliber Ma Deuce Machine Gun Replica

Popularly known as “the fifty” or “ Ma Deuce”, this 50 cal air rifle is not all looks because it is a very good replica for the real deal and if you are thinking of buying this beauty, take note of the following information:

  • It is an amazing replica so if you are quite fond of the M2 and would like to have one lying around to honor the magnificence of the original, you can get this replica and it can fool many people, just as long as they do not try to fire it. It measures to scale so it is very close to the real one.
  • It is durable because it is made of metal, so you can trust that it will survive a long time. It may be a toy or model but the makers took things seriously so it made to last.
  • It is quite lightweight, only about 2 lbs, so you it very mobile. You will not have trouble carrying it around or having younger individuals handling it because it is not heavy.

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2. Snow Wolf Airsoft 50 CAL Bolt Action Sniper Rifle w/ Illuminated 3-9×5

Snow Wolf Airsoft 50 CAL Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

If you are looking for a high-powered sniper weapon, this is the one you need. It is a realistic air soft model that is meant to intimidate make eyebrows raise, so if this is one of your goals, you better not think twice about this:

  • It is top quality. All models are handcrafted and went through strict quality control protocols, so you can trust that the weapon in your hands is one that definitely above par than anything else in the market.
  • It is very realistic. Designed to look like a real firearm, it is definitely realistic not just in esthetics but also in function.

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3. Spyder . 50 Cal Paintball Stormer Marker, Matte Black

Spyder . 50 Cal Paintball Stormer Marker

This is a military-style firearm which is a semi-automatic beauty perfect for paintball. It uses CO2 or compressed air and performs in impressive accuracy.

If you are thinking of getting this 50 cal air rifle, better take note of what other users are saying about it:

  • It is very lightweight and you want this for a paintball gun because you are constantly moving around and lugging it around, you cannot be dragging heavy machinery if you wish to win in the games.
  • It is very accurate, given its power, so you can shoot your targets even at a great distance.
  • It looks very handsome. It is a military-style paintball rifle and so be ready to look badass with these in your hands. It will intimidate and make enemies squirm because its matte-black finish gives it character and sophistication.

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Be aware that it does shoot on its own, sometimes, when it is about to run out of air so never handle it carelessly if you do not want to hurt yourself or someone else. You may also want to consider always loading it with air to avoid this mishap.

When purchasing a firearm unit, real or replica, you ought to know what you want and what you are looking for. Your gun choice says a lot about who you are as a person and as a gun user, so you have to be very particular with the choice you make. If you want to be taken seriously, then you cannot be very lax about this. If you have to put careful thought into your decision, so that you will enjoy your purchase.